digital marketing consultancy

digital strategy

Digital marketing is not just about social media, it is about having a clear strategy to engage with your customer through a variety of touch points including search engines, your website, mobile, email and social media. I work with you to understand your business objectives and align those to the needs of your users so a digital plan that will work is put in place. I research your target audience, the digital channels they use and build a strategy that is right for you.

Digital Audit

I always start any project with a digital audit of where you are now, a critical assessment of your own website in terms of usability and brand positioning, your mobile presence, your position in the search engines, your sentiment across social media and an analyse of your current campaigns and the results they generate for you. This gives me the background information to start to build your strategy.

usability and user experience

The key to any digital strategy is having a solid digital foundation, there is little point in creating a buzz and driving traffic to a website that offers a poor experience because your users will not convert either into sales or enquiries. I will analyse your current web presence to unsure your website is usable on both desktop and mobile devices. If not, I can work with you to build a positive user experience and ultimately make your website work harder for you.


If you look at your own analytics you will see a natural increase in traffic from mobile sources, you need to ensure your website offers a positive experience for mobile users, this doesn't mean you need to spend thousands on mobile apps, there are many ways to ensure you have a strong mobile presence without breaking the bank, this is one of the thing's I research and analyse as part of my digital audit.

search marketing

Search marketing is paramount to any digital strategy, if you put yourself in the mindset of your users the first place you start online looking for anything new is Google. Google accounts for over 90% of internet searches in the UK so in terms of driving traffic it is vital you have a Google presence. This can be achieved using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click - the sponsored results you see on the top and right hand side of Google)

I can help you with all aspects of search marketing, from ensuring your website is search friendly and optimised to setting up and running your PPC campaigns.

content Marketing

Content creation is key, without content you will not appear in the search engines because your website will be sparse and Google will have nothing to read. Without content you'll have nothing to talk about across social media channels. The key therefore is in creating quality content that is relevant, interesting and engaging for your target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very cost efficient way to communicate and engage with your current customers or contact to drive repeat traffic and start word of mouth marketing. The key to great email marketing is a strong, segmented database so you can ensure your messages are timely and relevant. I will work with you to ensure we build a communications strategy that allows you to use email as an effective channel.

Social Media

This is the one thing I am always asked about, as I always say, it is important but it is just one element of a very important digital mix. Many companies make the mistake of having a social media presence with no content, nothing to say or the same message for all. You need to assess each social media channel as you would any other marketing channel so ensure your message is timely, relevant and targeted. I have experience of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest with a strong knowledge of using social media for recruitment.