Content Marketing Coventry

Content marketing

There are three vital factors to any digital marketing strategy, content marketing, search marketing and social media.

content Creation

Content creation is key, without content you will not appear in the search engines because your website will be sparse and Google will have nothing to read. Without content you'll have nothing to talk about across social media channels. The key therefore is in creating quality content that is relevant, interesting and engaging for your target audience.

Users now expect content in a format, on a device and at a time to suit them, this is something you need to bear in mind when you are creating your masterpiece, will someone on a mobile be able to download it or view it on their device.


Blogs are often people's favourite way to keep adding content to their site, it means Google see's regular updates and you can showcase your expertise. Ideally every site should have an area it regularly updates, although you can call it whatever you want a blog, knowledge bank, expertise or coffee lounge. You can also guest blog on other websites to further enhance your online profile and prove you know your specialism.

Content Delivery

Content is key to your website, your aim is to create enough interesting content so you appear in Google search results and increase and engage your followers across social meidia channels. In your digital strategy you will have defined who your target audience is and which channels they use, this information is now vital in executing your content and social media strategy, you need to push the right content out on the right channel, to reach the right audience - simples!

If you get this just right you can create what is known as a viral effect, where your content spreads far and wide across the internet and you see an increase in traffic, followers and brand awareness. If your website usability is sound you should then see an increase in conversions across you site.

Please contact me for help defining your content marketing strategy or any elements of your digital marketing mix.