to blog or not to blog

I'm sure a lot of "digital" people out there will tell you the same thing, you need a blog, you need to have regular updates on your website so Google see's the changes, you need to include the keywords you're looking to target, so I should talk about all the great expertise I have at digital marketing, especially in Coventry!

Of course they are right, the hardest thing being a freelancer in the digital world is finding the time to keep your own digital profile up to date. I have been so busy (thankfully!) helping clients, in particular recruitment agencies with their social media strategies that I have neglected my own. So, I am now going to start practising what I preach, I will be updating my blog pages with regular content, using Twitter to share thing's I find that I think will be of interest and hopefully some of it will be useful and informative for you. Tonight's job is to look at the page titles on here and make sure I am targeting them well, because I do know about SEO!