digital strategy

digital strategy

There are three vital factors to any digital marketing strategy, content marketing, search marketing and social media. However, without a solid foundation none of these will yield results.

Your digital strategy is your key building block for all of your digital activity. Many people dive straight in and go tweeting mad with no clear idea of who they are talking to and what they are trying to say. They build a very pretty website but they never have any visitors or they can attract traffic but nobody converts, all common problems if there is no clear strategy in place.

Objectives and usability

So, firstly I will help you look at your digital strategy, define your objectives and look to see if they are being achieved with your current digital mix. Your website will be key to this as it is your digital foundation, so usability is the key, it needs to work for your users, not for you - the chances are you don't use your own website.

Your users

Of course your users are the most important factor in all of this, without them you won't have website visitors, social followers and ultimately customers. Part of any digital strategy has to be defining who your users are, which channels they use, what they like to talk about, share and how can you engage them. Once in place we can choose the tools needed to reach them.

Your Strategy

To be successful your strategy will include search marketing, content marketing and social media, the key will be in choosing the right channel to execute the right message to reach your audience, they may all be on LinkedIn and not interested in Facebook, they may use Google to search or have a default setting for Bing. What's important is understanding which tools we need to use and when to get your message out there, and ensuring they have a positive experience when we get them on your website.

Please contact me for help defining your digital strategy or any elements of your digital marketing mix.