search marketing (SEO) Coventry

Search marketing (SEO)

There are three vital factors to any digital marketing strategy, content marketing, search marketing and social media.

Over 93% of online traffic comes from the search engines, in particular Google. The website in position one on Google will receive over 32% of overall clicks, and 14.6% of SEO leads convert to customers - all very powerful stats that show why it is so important to appear on page one of Google


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves many factors, it can be a slow process depending on your competition but it is worth it to gain new customers. Over 80% of Google searches are local, for example "Dog Walking Coventry" (yes, position one is us!) this gives you an opportunity to appear above your competitors and target your local market.

Keyword Research

It is important to target the keywords people are using when searching for your products or services. Using online tools you can access data that allows you to see exactly what people are searching for, the volume of people searching and the competition for those keywords. Once completed this gives you an insight into what you can realistically look to target with your SEO.

Onsite Optimisation

There are about 200 factors Google uses when ranking websites, many of these are actually on your site, for example the way you name pages and titles, the content layout of your pages, how the internal links are set up and the frequency of your updates. Working with you, I will look at all these factors and make the changes needed to help you increase your position in Google.

Link Building

It's true, the number and quality of external links coming into your site is a factor in Google rankings. However, don't be fooled into thinking any link will do, Google monitors the quality of the link, the relevance to the page on your site, the frequency of people linking to you - the list goes on and on. Google wants to know that your content is great because other people think, they must do, they are linkng to it - quality content is the key.

Please contact me for help defining your search (SEO) strategy or any elements of your digital marketing mix.