Social Media for recruiting

social media

There are three vital factors to any digital marketing strategy, content marketing, search marketing and social media.

There is a huge buzz around social media especially in the recruitment trade press when in fact it has been around for years, social media is merely a term used for the sharing and passing on of content. The key to any successful social media strategy is having great, interesting and relevant content and knowing which social media channel to use to share it on, the recruitment sector is no different.

LinkedIn is the first choice that springs to mind when thinking recruitment, however this is not always the right choice. You need to fully understand your target audience and also as a business what you are trying to achieve, are you looking to generate candidates via social media? Do you think they are going to sit and watch a Twitter feed? Do Warehouse Operatives use LinkedIn? Or are you looking to target HR Managers and Directors in corporate businesses? If so, what are messages do you want to reach them?

Although the marketing principals are the same Social Media in Recruiting is slightly different as you have a B2C and a B2B proposition which is almost unique. I will help you define and delivery your strategy making sure we identify your target audiences and how we can reach them through content and social media. I worked for Pertemps as their Head of Digital and have since worked with several smaller agencies to define and deliver their whole digital mix.

Please contact me for help defining your social media recruiting strategy or any elements of your digital marketing mix.